This Day is a Gift

One of my biggest problems is time wasting.

I’m trying to make myself aware that “This day is a gift, Time is a gift”.

Imagine if we were gifted one week to “spend time”, in the same way as we “spend” money. We are gifted our time tokens in a bag and the value of each coin is an hour, a week or a month. We insert our time tokens into a time machine in the same way that we pay for parking in a city car park.

I’m wondering if we would spend it more wisely or squander it away as if it had no value at all.

I am guilty of squandering time, spending my time foolishly. I’m the world’s best procrastinator and I’m very adept at avoiding tasks until things reach a point where the to do list becomes almost overwhelming.

The thing is, I know this about myself and even though I will buy the planners, daily schedulers, beautiful notebooks and write the most comprehensive to-do lists, I still manage to flitter away so many hours.

I make excuses all the time like, I’ve too much going on, I’m working full time and there’s so much to do for work, I want to do all the creative things but the housework needs to be done, I must cook so I cannot paint my front door etc., etc. I pit one task against another so even when I’m doing one task I’m thinking about another one that I have to do and the result is that I’m not fully involved with the task that I’m working on.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the way 100% of the time. I usually find that with my artwork and lettering, once I get myself to start, I manage to be in the moment more often than with other tasks but because I really enjoy this activity I probably spend longer than necessary on task. Would this be deemed to be time wasting so? I don’t think so. I think that if you are content doing something harmless and nobody’s suffering because of what you’re doing, then that’s o.k. What you’re creating may even bring joy to somebody else so that’s even better.

There are many older people in the last years of their lives who wish that they had more time. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could gift them some time tokens.

I suppose I look back at my own parents, who are no longer with us and wish I could have given them time tokens to insert into the time machine and buy some more time but then again they had lived long lives and their time tokens were well spent. By the time their tokens were coming to an end they had come to terms with the fact that individuals aren’t gifted infinite amounts of time. I believe they spent their time consciously, generously and had an innate knowledge of how to make the most of it. I feel that they got great value for their time and I know they felt that time with their family was time well spent.

They were probably lucky in that smartphones, and technology weren’t even around when they were growing up. Technology can be a huge time drain. As time goes on and technology advances we have to be mindful that we are spending our time wisely on it.

So, to conclude my ramblings, if we can remember that this day is like a gift token of time that’s inserted in the time machine to start the time ticking for the day.

Let’s spend our time wisely as none of us really knows exactly how many time tokens we have left or when they’re going to run out.

Let’s make the most of today as “this day is a gift”.

I created the artwork at the top digitally.