Ooh the pressure

I find that I always put pressure on myself to actually do something and when I sit down to relax with a coffee there’s this little monkey on my back giving me the guilts! So, that’s where blogging is going to come in?. I can sit and have that coffee and on occasion tap away on my computer so the monkey will retreat for a while because, hey look, I’m actually working little monkey so please go away.

So the monkey thinks I’m blogging but I can also have a few tabs open in chrome and add a few items of stationery to my amazon cart, go and like a few great images on Instagram and even do a bit of doodling. So these are the things that I do when the monkey thinks I’m working and when I think I’m actually avoiding work.

I’ve just realised that all of these activities that I LOVE to do to supposedly take a break from work, are actually totally an integral part of my work. OMG if this is work all I can say is that I Love this work! I totally LOVE my creative life ❤

Happy days ?